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Helping you become the consultant you want to be.

As of September 2020, MCC launched its flagship membership program, designed with the intention of providing students interested in management consulting all of the tools they would need to become consultants. Through our events, training courses, workshops, and real-life consulting mandates, we provide an unparalleled insider access to the world of consulting. Sound like something that interests you? Become a member today!

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What's in it for you?

Membership Benefits (5).png
Membership Benefits (5).png
Membership Benefits (5).png

What's asked of you?

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Membership Benefits (1).png
Membership Benefits (1).png
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Event attendance

We ask that you attend a minimum of 2 MCC events per semester. Attending our events will allow you to learn from consultants, network with industry professionals and fellow students, and gain insider access to the consulting industry.

Mandate participation

If you have previously signalled on your membership application that you were interested to participate in mandates, we ask that you willingly join mandates when asked to. Your active participation in working on mandates is the very essence of what it means to be a consultant, and is hugely important to MCC.

Community engagement

The MCC student body is only as vibrant and connected as you make it. We rely on your active engagement to create a buzzing community of future consultants. We ask that you interact with other members and executives, participate in peer case training, and vote in club decisions when applicable.

MCC's Mandate Program

Our Mandate Program is an opportunity for you to get hands-on consulting experience while helping local businesses and NPOs. It is an opportunity for you to create real value for local organisations by helping us solve the key strategic problems that they face.


Having access to Concordia’s diverse student body has been a major strength for MCC’s Mandate Program. It has allowed us to tackle consulting projects in a wide array of disciplines. Our service offering encompasses the following areas:

In order to fulfill mandates across these different areas, we need access to a diverse pool of student-consultants. Our clients count on the expertise that Concordia students can bring to the table.


What’s in it for you?


You get to apply the theory that you’ve learned throughout your University career to solve real problems. You have the chance to work with other like-minded students and to share in the unique assets that each of you will bring to the table. You benefit from the guidance of one our Project Managers who will ensure that your team progresses efficiently and meets our high standards for quality. For some of our pro-bono mandates, we partner with consulting firms in Montreal which provide guidance and mentoring to our student-consultants. This can help you form important connections with members of the consulting industry.


How do we staff our projects?


Each mandate is unique and has different requirements. We select the students that can add the most value to a given project. Therefore, you will be required to apply to each mandate that you wish to work on. We do not guarantee that every member of MCC will be staffed on a project. Please note that some projects will have minimum GPA requirements.


For questions regarding the mandate program, please reach out to our Executive Vice President, Djordje Ninkovic.

Membership prerequisites

  1.  You are a Concordia undergrad student with 1 or more semesters before your graduation (including the current one)

  2. You have a demonstrated interest in building a career in consulting

  3. Your GPA is 3.25 or higher. First year students, please provide your latest average, GPA or r-score.

CV Template - download

For recruiting purposes, and as part of your membership application, MCC asks that you submit a copy of your CV using the template found within the icon above.​ MCC often submits CV booklets to its network of recruiters and has been asked to standardize the format of the CV's therein so that recruiters may focus purely on the content of the CV. If you have any questions regarding transferring your CV to MCC's member format, please reach out to our VP Memberships, Ange Martinez.


  • Keep your CV to one page, if possible

  • Do not include a cover letter, transcripts, or references

  • You may make minor alterations to the CV template to accommodate special information that may not have been considered in the template.

Interested? Become a member today!

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