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Consulting Mandate Program

Management Consulting Concordia is a student-run committee that offers business events and consulting services through our Consulting Mandate Program. Leveraging the talents of Concordia University students, we provide partners with strategic, impactful services. We are both client centered and dynamic & agile, as we diligently tailor our approach to each partner's unique needs. This includes marketing services, strategic planning and tech implementation. In addition, we utilize a diverse talent pool of Concordia University students who continuously learn, innovate, and apply novel strategies to deliver impactful solutions.

9 to 10 Week Mandate

This initiative matches students with a local non-profit organization or a start-up in the community over a course of 9 to 10 weeks. Throughout the program, students conduct extensive research and meet with their client on a bi-weekly basis in order to help them navigate their business challenges. MCC also provides workshops by industry professionals in order to equip them with the resources needed to undertake this project. The students then present their final deliverable which includes findings from industry research and an implementation plan at the end of their mandate.

Learn the Basics

Some take-aways CMP has to offer include:



Students will have access to interactive, skill-enhancing workshops run by seasoned consultants from leading firms, designed to refine student competencies and elevate the quality of their work.



Students will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight and network with consultants at our events and conferences hosted year-long.



Students can look forward to workshops such as “Consulting A-Z”, “Toolkit workshops” and “Storytelling workshops” to further enhance their skills and knowledge on what it takes to become a successful consultant.


Objective of CMP for Clients


Clients will be offered top talent from all faculties of Concordia University that will be hand-picked from the CMP team.


Clients will be given unique, tailored strategies developed by a diverse, skilled team to address your specific business needs.


Clients will receive access to high-quality consulting services for free and fresh, cutting-edge perspectives infused with the latest academic research and industry trends.


Clients will be given the opportunity to customize their partnership to their liking, and gain recognition within the Concordia community throughout our many social media channels and platforms.

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