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Liana Israilian

Liana is a fourth year Finance major. Throughout her studies at Concordia, she has participated in various consulting projects such as being a student consultant for Accenture and competing in the Défi McKinsey. In the past, she has interned at KPMG in the Management Consulting Unit. As President, her goal is to create valuable opportunities for Concordia students interested in the consulting industry.


Guy Ben-Shoshan
Executive VP

Guy is a third-year JMSB student majoring in Business Technology Management. Prior to this academic year, he’s had consulting work experience in a variety of advisory services such as internal audit and business transformation. Before joining the exec. team, Guy was a student-consultant with the MCC Pro-Bono mandate program, where he helped create strategies for NPO organizations.  This year as Executive VP, he hopes to increase the awareness and presence of management consulting around the Concordia student body. Outside of work and School, Guy is passionate about the gym, basketball and playing the piano. 


Amanda Burgos
VP Marketing (withdrawn)

Amanda is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Marketing and Finance. She is passionate about getting involved in work and extracurricular activities that make an impact. As a student strategy consultant for Accenture, she participated in a project where she developed a local non-profit organization’s brand strategy. She is currently the Director of Marketing for a national brand dedicated to the advancement of financial literacy and a teaching assistant in the Marketing Department at JMSB. As VP Marketing for MCC, she is dedicated to developing an innovative marketing strategy to build awareness and boost engagement. Amanda enjoys working out at the gym, listening to music, and traveling.


Lukas Zarkadas
VP Marketing

Lukas is a third-year JMSB student majoring in International Business. He has worked on the marketing team at a Canadian technology and IT infrastructure company and has experimented with his own e-commerce startup. Lukas is a thrill seeker and enjoys kitesurfing, bungee jumping and other extreme sports. As MCC's VP Marketing, he is committed to conveying all that MCC has to offer to the student body of Concordia and the consulting community of Montreal as a whole. In his free time, Lukas enjoys making music, playing hockey, and cooking on the BBQ.


Harlyn Dela Cruz
VP Social Media


Maya Bobotis
VP External

Harlyn is in her third-year majoring in Accountancy. During her studies, she has participated in several small case competitions which she enjoyed and pushed her into seeking a career in consulting. As VP of social media, her goal is to reach out and engage with other students who might be interested in consulting by sharing all that MCC has to offer through social media. Outside of school Harlyn enjoys going out for brunch and adventuring in nature.

Maya is a third year business technology management major. She is currently interning at KPMG as a Strategy and Operations consultant. Prior to this experience, she placed first nationally in the KPMG Ideation Challenge, and third regionally in the JDC Sustainability division. As VP External, she hopes to continue strengthening MCC’s network, and afford the new generation of JMSB students the best opportunities and resources possible. 


Daniela Kabat
VP External


Victoria Falciani
Head of Events

Daniela is a third year accounting student hoping to pursue her CPA. She is part of the coop program which permitted her to complete internships in order to gain more experience in the workplace. She has interned at Walter in the finance department and is currently completing her second internship at EY in the assurance practice. As VP External, Daniela hopes to tighten the gap between students and consulting companies no matter what field of study they are interested in!

Victoria is a fourth-year International Business student with a minor in Finance from the United States . Throughout her studies, she has gained experience in various industries from philanthropy in Fine Arts to an internship in Financial Consulting at IG Wealth Management. With previous experience as an Events Executive, she has lead teams and orchestrated both online and in person events. Outside of her Executive Head of Events commitments, she is concurrently President of Concordi’ART: Concordia University’s business art club. She is an avid reader and fun-fact aficionado.


Alysha Viljean
VP Events

Alysha is a third-year marketing student at JMSB. Her goal throughout university and beyond is to explore all her fields of interest, including marketing and consulting. She has begun doing this through marketing internships in the financial and construction toy industries. Case competitions have also always intrigued her since she discovered them in college. She is now excited to dive deep into the world of consulting and gain experience alongside her JMSB community through interactive and insightful events. In her free time, Alysha enjoys dancing and reading.


Audrey-Ann Roy
VP Events

Audrey is currently completing her first year as an Accountancy major at JMSB. As MCC’s VP events, her goal is to organize memorable consulting-focused events and to give students the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and to make people discover all that consulting has to offer. In addition, Audrey will be interning at Del.


Yinlin Liu
VP Sponsorship

Yinlin is an accounting student entering her final year of study. Throughout her three years of studies in Canada, she gained various work experiences in financial reporting, taxation, and audit. At university, she participated in consulting case competitions including the 2021 MCC X KPMG Case competition, where she worked in a team and proposed feasible solutions and implementation plans as consultants for a local company. Currently, she is interning at EY in the assurance practice.  As VP Sponsorship, she will be working closely with external consulting firms for maintaining and developing corporate contacts.


George Vasilogianis
VP Sponsorship

George is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Finance. During his studies, George has been actively involved in various clubs across different departments in Concordia. He has previously interned at Alstom as a financial analyst in the train transportation division. As a VP in MCC, George aspires to promote inclusivity in academic affairs and expose students to the consulting industry. Outside of school, he enjoys playing the drums, chess as well as sports such as soccer and curling.


Charles-Antoine Dugas
VP Projects


Samy Haddad
VP Projects

Charles-Antoine is in his second year of his major in Management and minor in Finance. Throughout his studies, he has worked on various projects and mandates in private equities as he was interning at Champlain Financial Corporation, as well as consulting at events such as Défi McKinsey. By being a bartender at one of the top bars in Canada and playing lacrosse at the International level, Charles-Antoine makes sure to always bring his 100% to the table all while keeping a smile on his face. As VP Projects, his goal is to showcase his passion for helping others achieve their personal objectives. 

Samy is a fourth year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineer. Samy has been involved in many societies since the start, from being vice president of real estate club, director sponsorship in civil engineer society, VP finance in civil engineer and not to forget VP Projects in MCC. He participated in the MCCx KPMG case competition as a consultant implementing a strategical solution throughout his work.Currently, he is interning in project management in Birds Construction. As VP projects, he will be taking charge of mandates from big consultant firm and providing the necessary support to the students that will be working in his team.


Avia Pacetti
VP Membership


Anthony Hanna
VP Finance

Avia is a third year Finance student who is currently interning as a Business Analyst for a multinational corporation in the health care industry. She was born in Montreal but was raised in Barbados, where she was a member of the National Gymnastics Team for 9 years. During her time at Concordia, Avia has served as the First-Year Representative for the John Molson Case Competition Committee (JMCC), and as an equity analyst for the John Molson Investment Society (JMIS). As VP Membership, she strives to foster long-lasting relationships between MCC and Concordia’s student body, and give value to students through the MCC Membership Program.

Anthony is a second-year Finance student at Concordia. Anthony has worked for the Quebec government for 4 years and is pursuing a career in consulting and finance after his degree. Anthony spent his first year at JMSB as a student consultant for MCC where he worked on various consulting mandates with past executive team members. As a part of MCC, the Montreal Social Value Fund he aims to bring like-minded students together in order to facilitate their university experience and build their networks.  This year, his goal as VP of Finance is to broaden MCC's outreach at Concordia University and in the Consulting industry.


Zi Hao Wei
VP Internal

Zi Hao is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Finance. During his studies, Zi Hao has been involved in associations such as the Engineering and Commerce Case Competition and the Concordia Chapter of the Association of Canadian Intercollegiate Investment Clubs. He has previously interned at Global Alpha Capital Management, a Montreal-based asset management firm focused on global small-cap equities. As VP Internal, Zi Hao is responsible for documenting the repartition of tasks, idea generation, and various processes. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, watching documentaries, or dining out.

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